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Wood Bathroom Vanities 2021

When people think about wood bathroom vanities, the antique bathroom cabinets are often what come to mind. Today we find wood vanities in different styles like antique, contemporary, and modern.

Although wooden bathroom vanities are more expensive than other types of vanities, wood is still a great choice for the following reasons: Wooden Vanities are Sturdy; wooden vanities are sturdy and strong, this also can be a problem if you planning to rearrange the location of the vanity a few times.

Wooden Vanities come in many colors and types of Wood; most popular choices of wood used in bathroom vanities are oak and mahogany. These types of wood give a natural feeling to the bathroom and rarely need painted. One of the main advantages of wood is that it can easily be painted. Dark red mahogany bathroom vanities are becoming popular, but other colors also look great.

Wooden Vanities Can be Custom Built; One of the great options in wooden vanity is that most local carpenters can help you design your own custom vanity. Wood bathroom vanities are Sophisticated, warm, classic, choosing wood vanity is a great way to improve the look of any bathroom with elegant touch.

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