Interior Design 2022

Wonderful 33 Square Meters Apartment Interior Designing

No matter how small your apartment is, this is no longer a problem with smart interior designs that turn very small interiors into cozy &chic living place, want to know how? This example will enrich your inspiration, check it out. When you see this apartment you would think it’s at least 90 square meters but you will be surprised when you know that it’s only 33.

The secret behind making it looking bigger than it is, is the clever usage of space; let’s see how. First of all, the living room which looks so stylish and relaxing is used as a bedroom at the same time thanks to the practical sofa that turns into a comfy bed and the large wardrobe that covers the entire wall on the right side in a pretty way with sliding doors which make it doesn’t look like a wardrobe but like a nicely decorated wall.

The dining room is combined to the kitchen which is elegant and practical with many storage cabinets and all built-in appliances. The bathroom is small but equipped by all necessary stuffs; bathtub, toilet and washbasin integrated with a practical storage cabinets. The harmony between white, beige & brown tones made in the entire apartment is creating a very elegant look enriched by some decorative elements like artistic work on ceiling and spots lights.

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