bedroom ideas 2022

Warm Nursery Decoration Ideas Inspired by Brown Tones

Interior decoration goes directly into brown tones in autumn & winter in order to bring more warmth & intimacy; this is not limited to adult bedrooms, nurseries can also be dressed in beige & brown tones for a cozy & tender ambience in the cold season. Looking for inspiration? Check out those 5 designs.

The autumnal spirit can be present in the new born room decoration; brown tones mixed with white furniture and suitable accessories like the mushroom-shaped lamp, the stickers and bed linen with motifs for tree leaves emphasizes the natural and peaceful mood of the autumn. For a baby girl, light pink tones will perfectly match with brown tones; for example brown walls with white furniture and powder pink accessories like subtle veil curtains on the cot, toys and bed linen.

The advantage of brown tones is that they can easily match with many other colors; for example with lilac & rose for a baby girl, and with baby blue or beige for a baby boy and with light green, white, orange or light yellow for both girls & boys’ decoration.

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