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Walt Disney World In Orlando Florida

The Walt Disney world resort is considered as the most famous entertaining resort all over the world not just because it’s the world’s largest one but also because of its wonderful imaginary design is based on a very successful and popular theme which is Walt Disney’s stories and characters.

This amazing resort, located 34 Km southwest of Orlando, Florida, USA, was created in October 1971 as continuation for the success of Disneyland in California and to expand the theme of “Disney World” to be a vacation resort not only a one-day-visit which means more activity, more entertainment, themed hotels and resorts.

Walt Disney World Resort is located on 121.7 km2 which represents a very wide space and a huge area. It contains four wonderful theme parks including the Magic Kingdom theme park which was the first one created with the opening in 1971 and designed similarly to the Disneyland, Epcot which was opened in 1982, also the Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened in 1989 and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It also contains 23 themed resort hotels, a campground, two water parks, two health spas and physical fitness centers and many other entertaining activities. With the sunny weather of Orlando, a vacation in the Walt Disney world resort would be the most enjoyable vacation ever.

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