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Unique Wall Mount Fireplaces by Aktys

If you have a small place and you didn’t find place to make fireplace but it so important to you to have one to have a heat from it in winter, so don’t worry Aktys collection for fireplace you will find a very simple fireplace and didn’t take any place in your room just be be fix on the wall by only four screws, without need to make a big hole for it, Each of these fireplaces has a small container which is hidden into the frame and has to be filled by bioethanol.

Bioethanol gives a real fire without smells and without bigger danger than a candle. It is sold together with the fireplace and is very economical in using, in this way you become also friend of your environment.

Rustic design makes these wall mount fireplaces very fashionable decorations and accentuates the natural beauty of the fire. Really it give these fireplace a nice touch and simple design, so don’t worry for place here is the solution and it easy to use in your bedroom, living room, your work shop or in your kitchen.

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