Interior Design 2022

Unique House Three-Dimensional Interior Design Ideas For A DJ

Today we will show a house for a DJ three-dimensional interior, and how the character of the owner has a great influence in his apartment. You can find this house in São Paulo, Brazil is called FJ House, it designed by Studio Guilherme Torres, especially for a person work as a DJ man.

You can notice that the area of the house is all open except the bedroom and the toilet Because the owner is a DJ man, the designer made some of the house windows disappeared to create a three-dimensional effect, to feel that you stay in night club, The living room has a very nice striped sofa in pink and white color, with very nice pillows, in back of one sofa side is a nice shelf to add some magazines and books you like it, also it has modern lamp and the floor has a nice rug.

You can notice that the walls and ceiling made from plasterboard and then covered with polymer cement. The kitchen is so nice by its color black and yellow color, the bedroom is so modern and minimalist, also the bathroom is so modern in a black color. In this house you can feel that you are in night club.

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