Interior Design 2022

Under Stairs Space-save Ideas

We already showed you in previous posts how to practically use the space under stairs in many different ways; this time we present you another brilliant design that benefit from this unused space and create at the same time a very attractive and chic look to your interior, check it out.

The smartness of the designer is reflected clearly through this creative& innovative design; first of all this design is solving a space problem which is to serve as a practical home library in a small interior where the living room doesn’t contain a space for a library.

In terms of style and decoration; he created a very original look by combining the stairs itself as a part of the library; he used the space under stairs by adding 4 shelves exactly parallel with the stair lines, and the same idea is repeated in the wall behind stairs so when you look at the whole design it makes you think for the first moment that it’s a one big home library; minimalist and very attractive. Notice that the shelves are having the same wood form of the stairs to give this optical illusion.

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