Interior Design 2022

50 Square Meters Apartment Interior Design Ideas

This small apartment design is different than all small layouts that we presented before, because this one has a very unique style in its furniture & decoration. The young couple who live in this apartment wanted to reflect their passion for certain cultures and to personalize their own style in their home.

The small 50 m² apartment is composed of a bedroom and an opening space; the opening space includes kitchen area plus living &dining rooms. In the living space, we see a sofa in wrought iron with curved details at back &sides, and an original armchair in an unusual design in subtle pink &white; this kind of classic look is totally contrasting with the front wall which is furnished by a minimalist storage cabinet in simple square shape with wood &crème colors that contain TV and many storage places.

Besides the living room, there is the dining table which has a very unusual &innovative design inspired by Japanese style; it’s composed of a low table and 4 cushions instead of regular chairs. The kitchen is located behind that dining table and occupying two quite large walls furnished by many storage cabinets in a simple modern style decorated by brown tones &black, it is also equipped by all necessary appliances as well as a practical kitchen island in the middle.

The bedroom has a fresh &delightful ambiance with a nice combination between white and flowery, the glass window is bringing a beautiful natural light into the room.

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