Interior Design 2022

182 Square Foot Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Don’t feel depressed if your interior space is very small, we are bringing you many stylish ideas and smart solutions for small spaces. This is an example for how a very small interior can be beautifully and smartly furnished to satisfy all what you would need from a comfortable apartment. This design is applied in a 182 square foot basement to turn it into a cozy apartment fully equipped and very stylish.

To solve this very small space problem puttygen download , the designer created two levels using planking & thin tubes and made the second level be the sleeping & working area furnished with a comfy bed and a practical work desk.

The first level is consisting of a comfortable living area with living room combined with kitchen area and a bathroom behind kitchen. The kitchen is equipped by most necessary appliances plus storage cabinets and only occupying two small walls yet comfortable & practical, a nice bar is separating kitchen from living room; it is also quite enough to be used as a dinning table.

The living room includes a sofa, a large LCD and some storage cabinets. The whole interior is decorated in wood; wood floors and wooden furniture with white walls which add a stylish and beautiful look.

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