bedroom ideas 2022

Smart Storage Accessories for Small Bedrooms

With small bedrooms, we need some tricks and smart solutions to keep our storage organized and to save the room from the mess; here are some ideas to help you to optimize your space in a smart way. There is a big variety of hidden storage units available in stores to organize a maximum of objects without cluttering the visual space.

The bed headboards are transformed into libraries; the ends of the bed are hiding bins and boxes on wheels easy to slip under the bed. If your closet is consisting of a group of shelves without door, add a nice curtain in front to hide and create a mini dressing room! Take advantage of the walls and doors of your room, which will offer a significant storage space.

Be careful not to add too many shelves on the wall to avoid the unpleasant feeling of an overload! The multi-storage pockets are very practical for small items. Also remember to use the back door by attaching one or two hooks that are ideal for hanging your coats or clothes. Finally choose the shelves style according to the ambiance of your room (contemporary, baroque, minimalist …) to use them as a decorative element not just a functional unit.

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