Interior Design 2022

Small 45 Square Meters Apartment Interior Design Ideas

If you live in a studio or a very small apartment and need some inspiration to know how to decorate it beautifully and practically, check out this smart design it may help you. Although this apartment is only 45 square meters, it looks so comfortable & stylish and furnished with all what you would need in a house, let’s take a look.

The living room is simple & chic with a stylish grey color contrasting with the white dining table which is combined with living in an open space containing the kitchen as well. The kitchen looks so fashionable in this attractive red color; it is also creating a trendy contrast with white table and grey sofa, besides being stylish it is also practical; equipped by all necessary appliances and many storage cabinets.

Behind the kitchen there is the bedroom which is very elegant with a beautiful harmony done in colors between brown & beige tones and some very attractive decorative elements like the chic crystal chandelier and the distinguished side table. The apartment has an elegant modern style and a cozy atmosphere make you feel comfortable once you see it.

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