Interior Design 2022

Small Living Room Combined With Dining Room

With now days small interiors, spaces are much smaller than before; so it became rare to find a large apartment with many separated rooms but we usually find instead small apartment and studios with one or two rooms and an open space which supposed to contain the living area.

And the living area in modern style include the living room, the dining room and the kitchen area. If you have a small interior with an open living space, we present you a collection of interesting designs combining both living with dining room in a contemporary & fashionable look.

In most of those designs you will find that the space doesn’t only include living & dining but also kitchen, which is really so cool & comfortable. Sometimes the dining table is used as a separator between kitchen and living room, sometimes it mediates the space; it’s all according to space, but if the space will include living room with both kitchen and dining table this last one has to be not far from kitchen.

If your space is too small you can use the kitchen bar as dining table. Even with large space, I think that this style is much more stylish than having a separate place for each room, I personally prefer this modern style with one open living space that contain all; it’s cooler & more contemporary.

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