Interior Design 2022

Modern Wooden House Design Ideas Surrounded by Pine Trees

Today we are going to show you a nice modern one-storey residence surrounded by pine trees, designed by Johan Sundberg, it is located in Mossvägen, Ljunghusen, Sweden.The important feature of this house that it is surrounded by beautiful pine trees, and the outer of that house made from brick walls to safe privacy for people live in this house, the interior of the house made from glass doors to see the green courtyard.

In night the house has a beautiful view with the nice lights it has.It has nice dinning room open with kitchen that has wooden island with high chairs, it also open with a fantastic living room consisting of nice white 2 sofas around nice fireplace, there are two bathroom, the master is so nice with its white color and 2 sinks it has, the other small is nice with its brown mosaic tiles.It is so nice house and big one surrounding with lots of trees .

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