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Modern Wall Lamps Designs By Marset

If you looking for a unique and special lighting. The most interesting collection is Lin, Viga and Zoo. Lin, thank you a combination of steel and white frosted glass looks very contemporary. This lamp provides plenty of light and does not take much space in very modern and stylish way. Viga distinguished for the diffusion of light, very attractive and can decorate any wall and give light with high quality to your space .

Zoo collection is original and unusual. Wall light of this collection is available in various colors. Marset is one of Spain’s most famous companies producing light. This presents a wide range of products adapted to all the space and atmosphere, proposed the idea of habitat, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Here you can see the lights from the wall a few Marset’s collection. Each wall light is a mixture of creativity and functionality. You really can choose the one that match your own interior design, because there is a modern, minimalist, traditional and luxurious even wall lights.

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