Room Ideas 2022

Modern Wall Bookshelves As Room Focus

Do you like to have bookshelves as room focus? So check out photos below to see how you can use bookshelves as room focus in simple way, you can use shelves in nice shape to build nice book shelves as you want short or tall bookshelves you can add nice comfort sofa in front tall bookshelves with nice modern chair with striped black and white in floor, it will give you fantastic living room.

You can use one of your living room wall to large book shelves from ceil to floor and use the rest of your living room to create comfortable living room by adding very comfortable sofa under living room’s window and nice two comfort chairs and you can build nice shelf in front of this nice sofa to show your nice display and pictures.

Also shelves surround your TV screen make this place focal point for your living room because all family like to surround your TV screen. Also using shelves surround your fireplace it will be nice and great as storage idea for your books and magazines.

You can also build big book shelves from glass shelves and you can close some places to save some privacy for storage stuff. So check out photos below to find different ideas for bookshelves with different styles.

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