Interior Design 2022

Modern Villa Interior Decorating Ideas 2021

Did you imagine having a villa with a horse inside it? Today will show you a nice villa one of its decoration is a big horse in living room, this villa located in not far from Göteborg, it built especially to a family with two children.

When you take a look inside the house you can find it in modern style and it is so light, you can see how the living room is so nice by its modern furniture in brown color with creamy nice pillows, this living room has a very nice coffee table with new shape, this living room has something very unique rare to see it as a piece of decoration, it is a big black horse in the corner of living room made from plastic with lamp in the head, it add very nice touch to this living room, also the big window of this room make you enjoy nature outside the house, also there is a big fireplace looks like an old stove in this living room.

The bedroom is also so modern and simple, there is a nice sideboard in the dressing room with it’s a lot of drawers. The dinning room of this villa is so interesting with its wooden table and transport chairs it has. Really this villa looks so nice and interesting one.

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