Interior Design 2022

Modern Two-room Apartment Interior Design Ideas

This is another stylish design for a two-rooms apartment; this time the design is characterized by a youthful spirit and a cheerful look, it could inspire you if you have a similar apartment. The most attractive place in this apartment is the hallway which is decorated by colorful wallpapers with terracotta tiles floor and white furniture; a mirror with white frame and a white console with colorful drawers. Behind the hallway there’s a hidden space used practically as a dressing room equipped by hangers and shelves.

The first room is the living room which looks so stylish in fashionable red, black &white decoration; it is composed of a cozy sofa in black color decorated by red cushions with white coffee table and TV stand, white walls and wood floors are matching very well with this colors combination. the modern style of the living room is matching with the whole contemporary look of the apartment. The second room is the bedroom which is small but stylish; furnished with a nice wardrobe and a comfy bed in same black &white theme. Besides, there is the kitchen which looks awesome in pure white cabinets contrasting with terracotta floor and cherry stone walls. The kitchen is also practical and equipped by all necessary appliances beside large storage cabinets.

As the kitchen’s space is big enough, the dining table was combined with kitchen; it’s a very cool dining table consisting of simple white table and four black chairs which keeps on the trendy black &white contrast decorating the whole apartment. The bathroom is small but it contains a shower, a washbasin and a toilet as well as a small storage cabinet combined with mirror. The apartment has a very nice view and thanks to big glass windows, the day light enters the whole interior and brings a pleasant feeling.

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