Interior Design 2022

Modern Romantic House Design Ideas

From an hour from Stockholm there is a nice house built especially for family has three daughters by Ulf Nelson.The house is so beautiful the house paint from outside in white color and has a roof in gray color in shape of 3 triangles, the living room in white color two with 2 sofas they are so comfortable and looks cozy with a nice table in glass with black frame in middle of room, also there are two side table in black color with very nice lamps, also there are two chairs in orange color and a nice vase beside one sofas with nice pink roses.

Dinning room is so classic with its candles and nice chairs; kitchen has a marble sink add a very nice touch to place.In the next floor there is a nice book case; bedroom has two sinks behind the bed with a nice mirror and two white lamps beside mirrors, also in bedroom has a white bath tube with white curtains in the room add a nice touch .

Other bed room is so fantastic with its rose bed sheets and nice floral curtains in the bed and rose curtains behind the bed also you can notice that the wall paper has the same floral in curtains add very nice touch and make it as a one piece.

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