living room ideas 2022

Modern Fireplace Designs With Red Fire

For people looking for decorative staff with useful things, here is an example of fireplace is so decorative piece for your space and keeps your space warm and cozy. It’s still slim design in a spirit this bio ethanol fireplace. So of course it’s not a fireplace in the proper sense (like all models of ethanol for that matter), but rather a beautiful decorative object to be heated a few degrees this winter your interior design.

since we use ethanol to make us warm outbreaks in winter a good cup of coffee in hand gaze riveted on that home as comfortable and convenient to use.

Nothing prevents you from out on the terrace to enjoy your own little campfire & portable design. This fireplace also very airy design (for use in a ventilated room) offers the possibility of its design, to be installed horizontally or vertically … depending on your mood or just your home.

The support of the burner is simply suspended from the structure small steel cable and it could be of different geometric shape (rectangular, square, cylindrical, pyramidal, hexagonal …) while using the same burner and Support for economies of production and storage.

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