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Modern Baby Nursery Furniture Sets and Design Ideas for Girls and Boys by Paidi

Although baby nursery doesn’t need to be very large if the space is limited but it can be an expression for the happiness of the coming of the newborn. Paidi, the German furniture manufacturer, presents many ideas for baby nursery furniture. The collection includes baby’s room designs that are very shiny, springy and also practical.

Those designs include some interesting furniture such as: a beautiful cot that can be transformed to a couch when it’s no longer used as a bed, a closet & a dresser for baby clothes, a changing table with drawers and shelves for storing necessary stuff, laundry baskets and some beautiful accessories such as small carpets and curtains which must provide darkness to the room so the baby can have a good sleep during the day.

Furniture is made of wood and available in various colors like subtle white, pink, cream, wood…etc. Whether you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy, Paidi furniture will help you to create a charming and attractive baby room.

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