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Modern Baby Nursery Furniture by Cambarss

A nursery room has to be designed and furnished for the comfort of your baby; you have to provide for him a cozy sleeping, a wide space to make him move freely, safe furniture and cheerful colors. Cambarss is offering all that in its collection of baby nursery furniture; all designs are cute and soft, just like a baby, but also practical and comfortable.

The collection includes baby cots, changing tables, wardrobes, seats and other accessories. Baby cots are very original and functional; their sides are removable and they are all on wheels for an easy movement, they also can be equipped by an optional sliding large drawer for more storing space. The removable sides of the beds allow you to choose the panels and prints as you like among a variety of designs for the same cot. They are also original in their looks with cute drawings and lovely bedding sheets, and attractive colors combined with white.

Closets are large and deep enough to contain all baby clothes. Changing tables look very pretty and also practical with three drawers and a big space for storing all baby stuff related to the changing issue like tissues, diapers, towels, wipes, etc. The handles of changing tables are changeable to suit with the color and decoration of the baby cot. All furniture is made of wood available in a big variety of colors.

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