Room Ideas 2022

Meg Caswell’s Portfolio From HGTV

Today we are going to show nice collection for living room and dining room designed by Meg Caswell. You can see in photos below different ideas for living room and dining room, you can see how the designer use sculptural art in decorating living room, and how the designer used the two colors blue and white in striped fabrics for chair surround round table for dining with nice light lamp come from ceil .

You can also have nice living room surround fireplace by add one padded chair and other one with wooden arms and in two sides of fireplace you can have nice two bookcases and add a fantastic mirror above fireplace to give your living room new look.

You can also have your living room with new look that you can decorate one of your living room wall by homeowner’s family antiques It will give you sophisticated look and new one. You can also use the space between living room and dining room in perfect way by adding nice elegant floating seats with nice round table between them.

Also one of fantastic living room for Caswell is the combining between silver and gold with fantastic vibrant orange chairs and rustic leather sofa with golden metal table with glass top in middle give your living room very nice look and mood. So check out photos below to get new ideas for your living and dining rooms.

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