Room Ideas 2022

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas By Pedin for Celebrities

Do you have your kitchens like Leonardo DiCaprio, Hernan Crespo, Charlotte Meares and Ronaldo kitchens? Today we will show you Pedini kitchens designed for these celebrities, his kitchens known by its ultra modern, elegant, minimalist and a lot of features, he started designing kitchen in 1956.

Below you will see some photos of Pedini kitchens; really they are very fantastic and incredible kitchens, you can see the nice combination between metal and wood and how light system in kitchen add an incredible touch to the kitchen, also the sub table from island is nice idea to give big space in kitchen, also curves of the kitchen is so interesting, also matching colors between white and black, red and white .

Also brown color or pure white all are fantastic colors, also you can see these kitchens equipped with high technology equipment add very fantastic touch to kitchen and make them real ultra modern kitchens.

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