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Luxury Holiday House Design Ideas 2021

One of most beautiful houses I saw, it is located in a colosal site on the eastern end of Noosa Rive, with its beautiful river view, it is an incredible holiday house, it designed by Gavin Maddok Design Studio and built by Novak Thompson.

You can see in the photos below how this nice and relaxing house has white clean lines which give it very pure touch , it take oasis style in his shape , its ceiling and sliding doors allow the breeze to fill in all the house.The most beautiful view that the house has is the river side dock it is fantastic with nice pool that it has to enjoy swimming.

This fantastic house consisting from four bedrooms, main bathroom with big bath tube, kitchen and living room, you can see below how the kitchen is beautiful with its white color and so modern it is just white nothing else with this pure color, also you can find simple dinning room with its beautiful flower pattern chairs , living room also all in white with long table from wood , bedroom also in white color all the house in white color . Really the awesome thing that you stay in nice comfort sofa and see the river it will relax you and refresh you after long days of work.

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