Interior Design 2022

Little Green House Interior Design Ideas

This vacation house design is dedicated for nature and green color lovers who like to relax in a peaceful & sensual atmosphere; it’s a small vacation house with a pretty green look inside and outside. Outside, the house is decorated by beautiful green tones in striped pattern which add a modern & stylish look.

The interior is small but designed practically to be comfortable and cheerful; it contains a living room, a small kitchen, a bedroom and a small bathroom plus many storage units. As the house has a fantastic view with a wide garden and a lot of trees, doors and windows were designed to bring this view into the whole interior by making glass doors and large glass windows in living room, bedroom and even bathroom, this is bringing to the house’s inside all the luminosity and freshness of the morning in such a beautiful place.

The interior decoration is matching very well with the outside amazing view and this is coming through the perfect combination between green and white with some touches of black which creates a nice feeling of serenity and makes you feel that the house is a part of the huge garden surrounding. Such a charming design would be perfect for a relaxing vacation in which you want to totally forget about all problems and work issues and just enjoy a peaceful mind and a wonderful feeling.

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