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Golden Gate Bridge – Wonders of the Modern World

From the moment the Golden Gate Bridge was built, it has become one of the wonders of the modern world for its fascinating design. The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1973, and the terrific thing about it is that it spans 1.7 miles between the northern tip of San Francisco and Marin country.

The Golden Gate Bridge was named with this name as it spans the golden gate which is a strait that is the entrance to San Francisco from the Pacific Ocean, it is a suspension bridge that comes in the amazing international orange color which gives it a unique view.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge took approximately four years. A toll is requested upon using the Golden Gate Bridge which changes by time. The Golden Gate Bridge appeared in 1976 on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. There is no pedestrian toll for walking on the Golden Gate Bridge. Reversible Lanes are used in the Golden Gate Bridge to aid the flow of traffic which is something really smart.

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