Interior Design 2022

Futuristic Apartment In Space Ship Style

Today we will show you a very wonderful apartment; it is a futuristic apartment in space ship style, it designed by two designers Mikhail and Elena Miroshkin, it is located in Moscow, in a project called Fantastic Island.

When you entre the apartment you will see a very unique living room, with its big black glass panel with a circle of LEDs, it gives very fantastic look to living room, also the furniture is so nice you feel that is very comfortable and cozy with its white color make an awesome contrast with each other, the living room also has a coffee table in the middle it seems to me like a big puff in the middle of living room, Kitchen is separated from the living room by a glass baffle, it is a new idea to have a partition in glass, it add a very nice touch, the kitchen has a very nice oven with its metal chimney add also a very good touch, also in kitchen you can find a nice simple table in black color with 4 white chairs to take a nice meal with your family.

The bedroom is so stylish in modern style in black color; with a beautiful white rug add an elegant touch to bedroom.

This apartment has two bathrooms, they are so fantastic, they made in very modern style, and its sink has a fantastic shape, one has one sink, the other has two sink with brown drawers one of its side has a place to hang your towel in a nice way. It is so nice apartment you can feel that you stay in a spaceship.

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