Room Ideas 2022

Fancy Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt & pepper shakers are considered as one of the dining table accessories, and the role of accessories on the dining table is adding a beautiful look and a cheerful ambiance that invites you to enjoy your meal.

Why don’t you give your dining table a funny ambiance yet stylish and original just by using one of those innovative salt & pepper shakers? Animal-shaped shakers are so cute and add a funny look to the table; cows, cats, dogs and sags in different positions and colors. Some hugging ghosts in black &white on your dining table isn’t a nice idea? For music fans there are shakers made especially for them; in guitar, stereo and instruments bag shapes.

Many different original shapes for shakers are available; cigarettes shape, angel kissing devil, chemical tools, photo films, spoon & fork, Eiffel tower… and many others. All of them have modern designs and stylish look; they are perfect for a modern style dining table.

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