living room ideas 2022

Electric Space Heater in The Shape of a Harp

Heater is so important in houses of people have very cold climate or for any one in winter , so what do you think about making a combination between a music equipment and a heater from this idea you can have a shape of your lovely harp that have very nice shape but without singing its rule heating your home in very nice shape which add very nice touch to your room this idea come from Carisa .

It is called Adagio and even though it does not have the ability to make beautiful sounds

, really so nice idea to have a heater in shape of harp, it will add very nice touch of decorating if you add it to your bedroom or your living room .

I think when your friends see it will be astonished by this lovely heater first they will think it real harp but when you turn it on they will astonished that it is a lovely heater in a shape of harp , really thanks for the person who create this harp and turned to a nice heater.

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