Interior Design 2022

Cozy Small Apartment Interior Design ideas

Once again we present another amazing design for very small interior; this time it’s a only 42m² apartment but looks so stylish and has a very comfortable atmosphere, take a look. This very small interior is composed of an opening space, a very small bedroom and a bathroom. The opening space combines both kitchen and living room; it brings a delightful feeling through the excellent decoration and perfect colors matching.

White walls with oak floors are used to give larger look to the place and at the same time they are beautiful and never turn unfashionable, the pretty wall decorated by stones is creating a stunning look and look awesome with white other walls & oak floors and it is also matching beautifully with this interior style.

Black sofa &armchair are facing this pretty stone walls where the LCD is hanged, with a lovely white coffee table and a simple carpet also in white; this fashionable black &white contrast looks wonderful with the whole style of the opening space in which all furniture & decor are in an amazing harmony. Behind the armchair there is a useful storage cabinet in a minimalist style & pure white color that make you think it’s a part of the wall, a large glass window behind the sofa is shining whole interior and bringing a very cheerful look to the place.

The kitchen is located on the left wall and it is separated from the living room by a superb bar also decorated by stones just like the pretty front wall which create a fabulous harmony and a warm &comfy atmosphere. This stylish bar is not just a décor; it works as a kitchen island equipped by a stove and at the same time it serves as a beautiful dining table thanks to its large surface. A fully equipped minimalist kitchen in pure white is occupying only one wall and looks fantastic with the black tiles wall between cabinets.

Beside the kitchen there is a beautifully painted wall separating it from the bedroom which is so small but super comfy. The bathroom includes everything; shower cabinet, toilet and washbasin standing on a practical storage cabinet.

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