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Cool iPhone Dock

As we know technology took a big space in every thing in our life you use in everything a round you today we will show you a nice iphone it will show you how technology become in every thing today we going to talk about iphone 3GS this I phone has a lot of features one of this features is Finite Elemente’s new Hohrizontal 51 is what you could call a sound board, and is basically a good-looking iPod and iPhone dock in the shape of a shelf.

It is so nice and the more important thing it comes with all of the necessary ports to connect it to your home theater system and a remote control it really nice iphone that you can have all thing connected to each other. The load capacity of the shelf is around 55 pounds

, but that actually depends on the wall that it’s fixed onto, since this is a floating shelf.

The Hohrizontal 51 should be available soon, so if you will use this cool iphone dock with its shape of a shelf in your living room it will be so useful piece .

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