living room ideas 2022

Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas From Candice Olson

Fireplace is one of nice pieces that add nice decoration touch to your living room and it can be the focal point of your room, that you surround it with nice comfort sofas and chairs to enjoy your time with its warmth and heat.

You can find different styles for fireplaces like modern and tradition style to match any living room style you prefer, your fireplace can surround with nice stone to give it rustic and tradition look and you can add long mirror above it to add nice touch to your living room with nice two big sofas and nice wooden brown table in middle with tradition chandelier this combination will give you fantastic living room as you wish.

You can also have stainless steel gas fireplace in good height to enjoy it from any where surround with nice stone façade, you can add nice two chairs below it to give its place nice look.

If you want to have striking focal point you can use marble and glass mosaic tiles from floor to ceiling in gold, cream, brown and gray colors surround your gas fireplace, it will give you a fantastic look and warmth feeling.Check out photos below to see how fireplace leave a nice touch in your living room, enjoy it.

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