Interior Design 2022

Cheerful 92 Square Meters Apartment Designing Ideas

This is an amazing example to how could the perfect designing maximize the interior space; this 92 m² apartment looks much larger thanks to excellent interior designing, perfect usage of colors and airy atmosphere of the whole apartment. This apartment is composed of an opening living space, 2 bedrooms, outdoor terrace plus a bathroom and a small laundry room. White walls, wood floors plus white furniture are the main elements helping to maximize this interior space, also the large glass windows are adding a delightful ambience and fresh atmosphere.

The opening space includes living room, dining table and kitchen area; a perfect harmony is linking those three areas in a very charming way. The cozy sofa in light grey is facing a minimalist TV unit with an LCD hanged on wall located beside a very cool inclined wall with nice curves inspired by caves; this wall is actually separating living room from kitchen &dining, it is separating them but not covering the view which also helps to maximize space. The kitchen has a fashionable minimalist style and stylish modern colors between white &grey tones with a practical kitchen island also used as a lovely bar, and many useful storage cabinets as well as all necessary appliances. The dining table is combined to kitchen, which is so practical, and located right in front of the large glass window which is entering a joyful ambience for the whole space especially kitchen &dining table.

The designer benefited from the inclined walls everywhere in this interior and used them as special places for beds. The master bedroom contains a comfy double bed and a nice wardrobe plus some shelves integrated in wall; all in white of course. The other bedroom is furnished with a single bed and a practical work desk. A small laundry room is occupying a small corner between bathroom and bedrooms which is a very smart usage for a non-used space. The terrace is a very delightful &cheerful place decorated by colorful flowers and a stylish bamboo set.

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