Interior Design 2022

Charming Villa Design With Waterview

If you are interested in tropical house designs, this villa will amaze you by its wonderful sea view and its stunning indoor design. This villa, located in Hamilton Island in Australia, has the most charming sea view ever; its magnificent view is irresistible, it improves your mood immediately and gives you a relaxing and peaceful feeling.

The villa’s whole frontal is in glass to not loose any moment when you’re inside without that superb view. The villa is located on a level higher than the sea level; outside there is a beautiful swimming pool in a minimalist rectangular shape surrounding by green plants, when you are in pool you have a complete sea view.

Inside, the villa has a charming wood look matching with the natural sense of the place; wood is used everywhere; walls, floors and furniture.
In front of the living room, there is beautiful terrace surrounding by trees and having the same fascinating sea view, it is furnished with chaise lounges to offer you a relaxing and fresh atmosphere if you decide to enjoy this superb view away from the sun under the shadow of the wooden Pergola.

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