Interior Design 2022

Charming Apartment Interior Design Ideas

If you need some inspiration for your interior decoration, take a look on this delightful interior design decorated in a stylish modern style bringing a cheerful feeling to the entire apartment. This apartment has a space of 94 m² which is good enough compared with very small interiors we presented before; it is beautifully furnished and decorated using contemporary style with a charming sense of nature to create such a lovely atmosphere.

The living area includes both living &dining rooms in a large space, this space is cheerful &illuminated thanks to large glass windows decorating white walls in a lovely harmony bringing an airy &fresh feel to the entire space. Wood floors are always perfect with white walls and they match beautifully with any decoration style or colors.

The furniture of this apartment is also entirely in white with some colorful touches that break this whole white and add a lively look such as colorful cushions on the white sofa of the living room, also some black &white chairs, black carpet contrasting with white minimalist dining table, colorful pillows in bedroom…etc.

The kitchen is so beautiful; located in a large space, it’s occupying one large wall with all appliances and storage cabinets while the rest of space is left for a pretty breakfast table in front of a large glass window entering the same cheerful ambiance to the kitchen area as well. The kitchen has a stylish minimalist design with glossy white lacquered finishes; the front wall is decorated by beautiful colored tableaus and some plants which is adding a very attractive look to the place.

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