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Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Best Destinations in July

Since we’re in July, then if you are planning to go on a vacation, you must choose destinations where the weather it at its best. Cape Cod is one of the greatest spots for tourism in July. Cape Cod is a cape that lies in the eastern side of the state of Massachusetts in the United States. In July, Cape Cod is perfect; the weather is sunny and breezy, although it might sometimes become chilly since the weather is really changeable there. But mostly, July is the perfect time to go in summer to enjoy the splendid sun and the beach.

Cape Cod includes a lot of hotels that you can enjoy staying in according to your budget, and some of the hotels are on the beach, as well. Since Cape Cod is a really large place, it includes various cities. The top cities that you can find in Cape Cod are Hyannis, Province Town, West Yarmouth, Falmouth, and more. Each city includes different hotels, and activities. Hotels in Cape Cod can be very luxurious, or can be affordable; it all depends on your budget.

The top hotels in Cape Cod include Ambassador Inn and Suites, Tidewater Inn, Shoreway Acres Inn, Ocean Edge Resort and Gold Club, Chatham Bars Inn, Red Jacket Beach Resort, International Inn Cape Cod, Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, and more. Apart from the beach, Cape Cod includes various museums that you can visit, like Children’s Museum, Museum of Fine Art, Museum of Natural History, John F Kennedy Hyannis Museum, and more. Other Places that might really attract you in Cape Cod are Herring Cove Beach, Nauset Lighthouse, Highland Lighthouse, and Pilgrim Monument.

Cape Cod also includes some of the best restaurants for dining that you will really enjoy. Some of the best restaurants there are Cape Cod Restaurant, Inc., Aqua Grille, Bramble Inn Restaurant, PB Boulangerie Bistro, Abba, The Glass Onion, and Cape Sea Grille. Each restaurant has its own style, like having an American or French style. Cape Cod is also one of the amazing places for weddings, where you can have the most romantic wedding ever.

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