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The Breathtaking Bulgari Resort in Bali, Indonesia

When you have the opportunity to take a vacation, you never want to ruin this great chance that might not come again anytime soon, so you’d better plan well for that vacation and consider going somewhere that really breaks your daily routine and makes you feel that you actually changed you mood and lifestyle even for a couple of days. If you really want to enjoy this and relieve all your stresses, then nothing’s better than a resort.

Resorts are not something that you go to everyday and thus they make the best place to head to on your vacation. In this post, we are introducing one of the best resorts ever, a piece of paradise. It’s the Bulgari resort in Bali. Bulgari resort lies in Indonesia in Uluwatu temple, in Bali.

The resort overlooks the Indian Ocean from a height of 150 meters over the sea; imagine the view! Bulgari can be considered as the best hotel found in Bali; it provides maximum comfort, relaxation, and relief along with a perfect natural view. Bulgari resort is a five star hotel that offers the Indonesian style in everything, but the hotel is made mixing this style with the Italian style so that the result is really charming.

Accommodation in Bulgari resort lies in the luxurious villas that have an ocean view, and are large enough that they can include more than one room, which is great for families. If you want to have total privacy and maximum luxury, then try The Bulgari Villa, it is very spacious, and has its own spa, cinema, pool, two rooms, and more. Meetings and fabulous, romantic weddings take place there, as well.

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