Interior Design 2022

Beautiful 46 m² Small Apartment Interior Designing

We still bringing you more ideas for very small interior designs, take a look on this one in which a 46 m² apartment looks much larger. White is the most used color in this design, maybe because of its large space effect, as it appears in white walls, white kitchen, white bathroom, white bedroom and some white furniture as well. Oak floors are matching well with white walls and give a warm feeling to the place.

The living room which consists of a cozy sofa in brown color contrasting with white TV unit, coffee table & armchair looks so relaxing &comfy. it is separated from the kitchen by a beautiful bar that is also practical because it’s not just a decorating bar; it is equipped by a stove & oven in addition to some storage drawers and thanks to its large surface it also serves as a nice dining table.

The rest of the kitchen occupies the facing wall with all kitchen necessary cabinets, a beautiful retro style fridge in a stylish black color is standing outside the kitchen on the wall that leads to the hall; so it’s a perfect place because the fridge is close to kitchen without taking space from it and at the same time it looks like a decorative furniture cutting the too much white with contrasting black.

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