Interior Design 2022

Beautiful House On The Coastline of Tenerife

We are going to show you one of beautiful houses on the coastline of Tenerife, its name La Casa Jardín del Sol, this house is so nice and beautiful it made from glass and its base made from wood , from this beautiful house you can see a great view for the coastline of Tenerife.

This house has a nice dinning room made from wood with metal chairs and sideboard for storage dinning staff; it also has a nice black piano and there is wall with a lot of shelves to storage your staff, the glass walls make you enjoy the viewing of outside of the sea, it is an incredible view.

In the basement you can find a nice gym to practice sport with a glass wall to make you see and enjoying nice view around the house. The kitchen is seems like studio, also you can find bedroom and the public are in parallelepiped. It really so nice and beautiful house you can spend a very wonderful time in this house with your friends and enjoying the incredible view it has.

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