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Baby Nursery And Kids’ Room Furniture By Micuna

Nowadays, we all need practical solutions for small spaces and smart ideas to save money, time and effort. With Micuna you can do all of that, Micuna is a Spanish company specialized in the production of baby nursery and kids’ room furniture, it presents a collection of charming baby nursery sets; not just beautiful but also very smart & functional. The collection is composed of 6 amazing sets; every set can satisfy your baby’s needs since he was born till he grows up.

Your baby born needs a nursery composed of a cot and some storage units which is provided in Micuna’s set that consists of a cute baby cot attached to a very useful storage unit; this storage unit contains many drawers and shelves to accommodate all baby stuff, it is also used as a changing table because the top of it is a changing board.

When your baby grows-up, you won’t give up this set and you won’t need to buy a new room set; in fact the previous nursery set is going to form a complete kid’s room! First, remove the sides of the cot and the storage unit combined with it and it will be transformed to a pretty kid’s bed; comfortable, good looking and practical because it contains in the bottom two large drawers or an additional comfortable mattress.

Second, the storage unit will turn into a study desk and a commode plus a cabinet to hang on the wall; can you believe that? It’s very simple; the storage unit is originally divided into 3 parts; the changing board attached to the headboard of the cot will turn into a study desk, the drawer unit will turn into a commode and the shelf unit will turn into a useful cabinet to be hanged on the wall.

This collection is a real interpretation to the meaning of functionality and multi-function. Sets are made of ecological wood and available in different cheerful colors such as red & white, yellow & orange, green with blue & oak, white & violet and others. The collection is characterized by a stylish modern style and some nice combinations in colors that can be suitable for either a girl or a boy.

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