Interior Design 2022

53 m² Apartment Interior Designing in Gothenburg

Although this apartment has a space of only 53 m², it looks much larger due to excellent design and perfect usage of colors & decoration, let’s take a look. The apartment is composed of one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

The living room is the main part in this apartment; it is contemporary &stylish yet very comfortable, white walls &floors are maximizing space and bringing a bright look broken by the beautiful stone wall which is enriching the whole look and perfectly matching with the general ambience. Simple furniture are used such as cozy grey sofa, beautiful TV stand in dark wood and practical bookcases on walls. The TV unit is mediating two doors; one is the bedroom’s doors and the other leads to kitchen &dining area.

The kitchen is occupying two walls by many storage units in pure white with wood surfaces, the dining table is combined to kitchen and look stylish in a simple modern style & black &white colors. A nice work desk is located beside the kitchen on a corner which is an ideal benefit from a non-used corner wall. The bedroom has a very simple style and a calm ambience coming through the white color dominating it with some color splashes that giving the room more spirited look.

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