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Antique Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas

Are the perfect piece of furniture to add when you are redecorating or remodeling a bathroom, Stylish bathroom vanities and other accessories will take your space to the next level and will add value to your home too.

One of the most popular styles of bathroom vanities is the antique bathroom vanities; this elegant traditional style has the rustic, old-fashioned touch, and gives strong character to the space. This style usually made of hardwoods like sweetbriar, oak, mahogany, or sandalwood.

The design often has feet which raise the vanity little above the ground, it’s nice for small bathrooms and comes in different sizes, also we can find it in single or double sink styles, in both cases we will find large cabinets which give us a good space for storage. The popular look for the antique bathroom vanity will be a white washed finish, also the natural wood tones and rich dark finish too.

This style offers you many choices of countertop; you can choose marble, stone, or granite. Bottom line the antique bathroom vanities are gorgeous, it’s also a focal point, bring great value to the space and worm nice feeling to your bathroom .

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