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African Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The African style is a very attractive decorating way; it’s based essentially on colors: shades of warm yellow, orange and earth tones. In the bedroom, the African decoration will definitely look awesome; if you are a fan of African safari and need some inspiration to renovate your bedroom, check out those cool ideas.

The first thing that you can apply to bring to your bedroom a lovely African atmosphere is bamboo furniture; bamboo bed, bamboo chairs, bamboo dressing, etc. Those are so trendy at the same time and will look very stylish. For a real African ambience in the bedroom, colors are the key; give the wall a nice saffron tone for example and play with warm orange in sheets & pillows with some other earth colors in curtains and accessories.

If you can get some African items from décor shops, that will add to the bedroom an amazing look; colorful lamps, dark wood candle holders with African motifs, colorful striped rugs, bamboo baskets and all those beautiful African items all inspired by nature.

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