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The Tourist’s Manual to the Best Places to See in Kerala


Kerala is one of the best natural paradises on the earth; thus it attracts a large number of the Eco-tourists every year. All of what you need is to reserve the nearest plane to India, or to the southwestern part of the country, to be able to see the natural wonders in the hills, beaches, backwaters, and forests.

As a tourist, the natural scenes will be your first attraction to any city; especially if it has additional entertainment means. Kerala is one of the tropical states in India that has its forestsand different shapes of wildlife. The state has protected conservation areas such as Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary to protect the tropical elephants, tigers, leopards, monkeys, Indian bison, Indian Bears, and giant squirrels.In addition to the animals, you can practice the diving sport or visit the aquariums to see the different species of the freshwater fish like the stinging catfish.

Kerala is located on the Malabar Coast and the Arabian Sea and has internal lagoons and lakes; thus, it is rich with the fascinating and enjoying beaches. The western sandy beach that lies on the Arabian Sea is considered as the best and most visited beach in the state because it has amazing coconut trees, luxurious resorts, and amusing activities.The beach ofKozhikode town has two piers standing in the middle of the sea to let you see memorable sights.

The fascinating sights of the landscape, hills, and mountains will impress your mind and provide you inner comfort. The eastern part of Kerala, exactly at the Western Ghats, will be an impressive place to see because it has green mountains and hills along the sides of your way. You can sit over one of the Neelimala hills to see the whole valley.

The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala The Best Places to See in Kerala

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