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Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World


The timeshare resorts will offer you a few weeks-vacation every year in the piece of world you choose. Many resorts have amazing natural scenes and outstanding services to give you the utmost level of relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment with or without your children. This article will pick up the top ten resorts in the world on the basis of the site and entertaining ways.

Situated in the beach of Carlsbad, California between a wildlife sanctuary and the huge ocean, Aviara resort is considered as the dream of the entertainment seekers. All of the luxury features such as outstanding views and perfect services during the four seasons keep aviara resort in the top of the timeshare resorts.

The royal sands resort is located in Cancun, Mexico in place of the old Guest House. It will be a delightful chance to take all of your family members not to mention their number and ages, because the royal sands include additional bedrooms and bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, fresh water swimming pools for adults and children, different sports’ grounds, gyms, spas, restaurants, a villa message service, and shopping malls. All these features will help you feel as if you are in the paradise for a few days of your life on the earth.

The simple design of the villas of Disney’s wilderness Lodge depends on the natural surrounding views giving you a mixture of comfort and excitement. Inside your villa, you will be enjoyed by the amazing mixture of the Native American and the national park-inspired designs. At the same time, the unique natural outdoor scenes including the silver creek bubbling springs that fall into swimming pools and the fire rocks in addition to the natural health clubs will keep these memorable days in your mind all of your life.

Troon North at Scottsdale is a perfect resort with charming natural scenes and amazing amenities sitting on about 37000 square foot. Imagine that you are spending a few days on a mountain above a vast desert; you will truly feel that you own the whole world. The outstanding services such as a spa, fitness center, a large swimming pool, vast sport fields, and above all, free membership in the available activities.


Most of your expected natural or manmade enjoyment ways for you and your kids can be found in the Royal Haciendas Resort. Every villa has two bedroom and bathrooms with a full kitchen to fit up to six guests. Your kids will surly spend enjoying time in their two pools participating in the mini Olympics and water balloon wars, playing video games, and watching their favorite films. For adults, you will find all the facilities and welfare means you need.

The Royal Islander is a small but impressive resort situated in the highest point of Cancun island to let you see the Caribbean Sea, the amazing beach, the Nichupte lagoon, and the jungle clearly. Above these fascinating natural scenes, The Royal Islander has spacious villas and five-star services, which qualified it to be one of the top ten resorts in the world.

The Royal Caribbean Resort is situated on the beach of the Caribbean Sea to let you enjoy the amazing look and sounds of the sea during your day and night. The hotel will offer you a private bedroom and bathroom with a full kitchen to let you get a high level of relaxation and comfort. The furniture of your bedroom will be made of mahogany and decorated with original artworks. The royal daily services inside and outside the hotels will make you wish if you can spend the rest of your life there.

If you seek tranquility and piece alone or with your family members, the Royal Mayan resort in the Caribbean beaches is the perfect choice. Inside your hotel, your family will enjoy spending amusing time in the living room watching their favorite movies or in the dining room eating traditional Mexican meals. The resort has its essential and additional amenities to keep you amused and relaxed all the time.

If you are looking for a romantic or an adventurous place, Disney’s Old Key West Resort by its dense trees, pure waterways, and gulf fairways will be the perfect place. You will find outstanding service in your Victorian-styled and pastel-colored villa that has independent kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Outside your villa, you will find amusing parks, diving computations, electric game rooms, etc.

Pueblo Evita is a set of apartments situated below the hills on a pretty Spanish beach. The resort includes two pools, fun parks for your kids and entertaining trips over the mountains. The apartments are decorated according to the Andalusian style with clear scenes of the whole town and sea.

Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World Top 10 Timeshare Resorts in the World

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