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Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn't Worry About

Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn’t Worry About

During menstruation, there are fluctuation and quick drops and raises in hormones as well as constant contractions from the uterus to shed its lining, which all together cause several symptoms like cramps, mood swings, etc. Some symptoms are perfectly normal and most women experience during mestruation however other symptoms may not be normal, below are listed the perfectly normal symptoms of menstruation you may be experiencing. 1- Tender Breasts. Many women experience tender breasts during mestruation that may even get swollen, the problem may cause women to worry about their health, however it is perfectly normal and temporary as a result of fluctuation in Progesterone secretion in the body, as long as the problem resolved itself after menstruation then you …

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Things To Worry About During Your Pregnancy

Three Things To Worry About During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for the woman, however unfortunately not all women get that magical healthy pregnancy, in fact most women experience several health conditions during their pregnancies, from sever morning sickness, to gestational diabetes to back pain and other illnesses and problems, some problems will be clear and noticeable while other health problems may be covered therefore it is very important to constantly check your pregnancy progress with your doctor and make sure you make your blood check and ultrasounds on time, although most of the problems women face during pregnancy are quit common and normal, some are dangerous and you should look out for, below are three things to worry about during your pregnancy. 1- Dehydration. Some …

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Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge And When To Worry

Vaginal discharge is normal and has many purposes, however, abnormal vaginal discharge is something you should monitor closely and pay attention to, panicking and stressing may increase the problem, instead of you trying to find out the cause of the problem yourself, don’t be shy and consult your doctor as soon as you discover some abnormal vaginal discharge. Discharge related to your menstrual cycle should not be suspected by you, there are many mucus decoration glands in the cervix and around the cervix, around the time of your ovulation, estrogen levels rise, which make these mucus glands work excessively, the discharge you will get would be white or see through watery or egg white like constancy, this discharge is healthy …

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