Friday , March 23 2018

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Tips for Losing Weight at Work

Great Tips for Losing Weight at Work

Most people gain weight when they don’t pay enough attention to their eating habits a lifestyle. That, happens when you pay too much attention to your work at the expense of your lifestyle. However, you can make work, the thing that is making you fat, the same tool for losing weight with the following tips: 1- Drink lots of water. Many people misinterpret thirst for hunger, because they somehow developed the habit of neglecting their H2O needs. As a result, their bodies try to find this much needed water in food. Drinking enough water at work will make you snack less on fattening foods. 2- Give up carbonated beverages. Recent studies have proved that regular consumption of carbonated beverages is …

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Lunch Drowsiness At Work

What To Do When You Get Post Lunch Drowsiness At Work

It is common that after eating lunch at all o even at ho!E to tag feeling a little drowsy, while it is best to take a short power nap for twenty to thirty minute to recharge our energies, it is not always possible specially if you are at work, therefore it is important to learn how to sustain our afternoon energy. It mainly depend on the food you eat and the physical activities you do, if you have a sedentary job try to take a walk or go up and down the stairs a few times after lunch to avoid the afternoon slump, also make sure to eat a light healthy lunch and get adequate sleeps during the nights. The …

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Top Ten Most Effective Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up At

Top Ten Most Effective Non-Caffeinated Ways To Wake Up At work

Who of us don’t feel really sleepy at one point of our working day ? This is a common problem that all of us are experiencing ,However the majority believe that the solution for this problem is coffee or energy drinks ,while coffee is great to solve the problem and have a lot of health benefits , coffee also have many side effects including headache , mood change and addiction which can happen if consumed too much over a long period , The good news that we’re bringing for you today is that there are actually several other Non-Caffeinated ways to wake up at work and below we will list to you the Top Ten Most Effective Non-Caffeinated Ways To …

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