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man doesn’t understand about a woman

5 thigs that man doesn’t understand about a woman

There is no doubt that woman is a very special being as her mood changes because of hormonal fluctuations that occur in the body. You see her quiet sometimes, happy in other times, and sad without reason another time. If you – as a woman – do not understand yourself sometimes, the opposite sex rarely understands you. Starting from here, identify with us what are the most prominent things that men don’t understand about you. *Why do you say you are fine while you are not? Man likes clarity and frankness, and he acts in this way in his life. Therefore, he doesn’t understand why a woman says the opposite of what she feels all the time. He does not …

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The best types of food a pregnant woman should eat

The best types of food a pregnant woman should eat!

Eating for one person is not all that easy, especially when we are worrying about our health. For instance, do we have a slice of cake for dessert or should we actually just stick to a bit of fruit now? Eating for two persons, yet, is another totally different game which is a very nerve-wracking duty. The questions which go through an expecting mother’s mind are so perplexing to say the least. How much fish should I eat? Here is a few great suggestion on what to eat while you are pregnant. 1. Eggs. An individual egg provides you about 90 calories, that is not bad at all. In addition to these calories, eggs are also loaded with lots of …

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Necessary Wardrobe Contents for a Working Woman

The 5 Most Necessary Wardrobe Contents for a Working Woman

Women constitute a considerable portion of the labor force in every part of the world. Naturally, every working person – man and woman alike – know that you need certain contents for your wardrobe to give you an air of professionalism and a “career-person” look. For working women, here are the most necessary wardrobe contents: 1- White shirts. They are what you think about most when considering work outfits and uniforms. Not only that, but they can greatly boost your looks when paired with the right bottom piece. It makes you look “professional” even when you don’t have a figure that can rock pale colors. 2- A “work” bag. What I mean is, you need a durable reasonably-big bag with …

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Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

5 Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

Imagine this scenario; you are talking to a newly pregnant woman who is just so happy and glowing she feels like she is walking on clouds. Then comes this person who hates her (or just enjoys being mean!) and say few mean words. How would she feel, and act? Here are the things you must never say to a pregnant woman. 1- Even if the one pregnant is sick with god knows what, you do not go and say something like: don’t you need to check that at a hospital it might affect your baby. Because you will get a lot of beating you can’t give back because she is pregnant. 2- Another thing you must never say to a …

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Woman Needs Some Hyaluronic Acid for Her Health and Beauty

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs Some Hyaluronic Acid for Her Health and Beauty

hyaluronic acid is the manufactured copy of a sugar polymer our bodies produce. It preserves water in our bodies and fills the connective tissues in our bodies. All these miraculous benefits and more are the reason people rave about its benefits to health and beauty as we shall see in the following lines: 1- We all know about the heavy damage the sun can do to our skin, right? However, many sunscreens have proven to be just as harmful and dangerous. Hyaluronic acid was proven to have agents that block and fight harmful UVB rays. Moreover, it prevents free radicals from forming this preventing premature aging. 2- Since hyaluronic acid is an organic substance that is a copy of another …

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to Become a Mentally Powerful Woman

5 Things You Should Do to Become a Mentally Powerful Woman

Women have been called the weaker sex for a long time. Nowadays, men do not dare to say similar names about women, at least not in front of them. However, this does not stop them from thinking it! The only way to truly stop the men you interact with from thinking such things is to become a more mentally powerful woman. Here are some of the things you should do to achieve that: 1- Work on your exterior! I know that we are talking about being more “mentally” powerful, but our looks are one of the most important elements in shaping our mentality. It affects how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. So make sure you always look …

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Health Tips That Can Make Any Woman Live Much Longer

8 Quick Health Tips That Can Make Any Woman Live Much Longer

Maybe when you see the title, you would say things like, “I know what to do to live longer and be healthier, Hit the gym daily, abandon meat completely, meditate, eat lots of vegies etc” However, although we all know all these things, putting them into action on a regular basis is usually tiresome. There are, however, things we could do that can make our lives much healthier without sticking to a strict routine, such as: 1- Ride a bike. It is actually really fun, and it beats torturing yourself on the treadmill. It will also help you get to any place easier than being stuck in traffic. 2- Avoid drugs. Maybe you think it is funny, entertaining or even …

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If you go through dating and marriage journey, you will realize the girl you dated is different from the woman you married. This does not mean she would become totally a new person; it means her priorities and perspective about marriage will change, hopefully for the better. Either way, the girl you dated will not be the same as the woman you married. – The girl you date wants you all for herself; she does not want to meet your friends or family. The woman you marry knows without your family and friends you would not the person you are today, and so she is keen to meet them. – The girl you date is overly worried about her eyelashes …

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