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Gain Back the Weight You Lose After Weight Loss Diets

4 Reasons Why You Gain Back the Weight You Lose After Weight Loss Diets

It is often said that losing weight is very difficult. But did you know that keeping your lost weight and not getting it back is even more difficult? And the proof of that is that you see people everywhere struggling with their weight and are in what is called “yoyo dieting”. Here you will learn why people gain back the weight they lose in weight loss diets. 1- Misconception of reward is one reason why people’s efforts in losing weight go down the drain. They go on a diet for a week and after finding that they lost 4 kg or so they reward themselves by binging on sweets and fried fast foods for a couple of days, gaining in …

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Positive Side Effects for Weight Loss Diets

5 Greatly Positive Side Effects for Weight Loss Diets

What usually goes in your head when you are following a weight loss diet is something like: “I want a smaller waistline” or “I want to look good in the new jeans I bought last week”. However, did you know that weight loss diets have many great positive side effects other than lower cholesterol and blood pressure? Here are other wonderful side effects for weight loss diets: 1- Improved dental health is a great side effect for weight loss. Since you are dieting, you will naturally cut back on all things that damage your teeth and cause cavities, which all happen when you consume sweets and carbonated beverages. Moreover, gum disease is a type of inflammation accelerated by fat cells, …

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