Monday , February 19 2018

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Vegetarian Foods Rich in Protein

5 Unusual Vegetarian Foods Rich in Protein

When asked about foods rich in protein, people usually answer: meat and dairy products. But what if you are vegetarian and are looking for vegetarian sources for protein? I guess most people would answer then: legumes and nuts contain protein! But are these really the only available sources of vegetarian protein? Here you will read about some rich-in-protein foods you never new about before. 1- Most people know that pasta is rich in complex carbs and avoid it just because of that. Each cup of pasta contains about 10 gm of protein which is more than any type of grains making it an excellent unexpected source of protein. Whole grain pasta has omega 3 acids and fibers beside protein. 2- …

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Body Changes of Becoming a Vegetarian You Should Know

6 Body Changes of Becoming a Vegetarian You Should Know

More and more people are abandoning eating meat either as a statement against animal cruelty or just as a health option. A sudden stop of meat consumption without considering the proper replacements may have drastic positive and negative changes on the body of a vegetarian or a vegan. Read on to get an idea on what would occur when you depend mostly or solely on flora for nutrition. 6. Improvement of Cardiovascular Health A vegetarian diet has proven to be anti-inflammatory compared to a carnivore diet which can increase inflammation levels. Inflammation contributes to increasing the risk of dying from ischemic heart disease where the coronary arteries suffer from narrowing or complete closing; thus depriving the heart from oxygen and …

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